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IDM is an Italian company, based in Montebelluna (Treviso) and founded in 1978.

IDM main Products include:

  • electronic ignitions,

  • CDI and TCI ignition units (programmable and not programmable),

  • high tension coils,

  • battery charger systems and AC regulators,

  • magneto flywheels,

  • permanent magnet alternator (PMA or PMG),

  • AC/AC, AC/DC and DC/DC converters,

  • power supply units,

  • uni and bidirectional electronic starters for endhotermic engines,

  • motor controllers,

  • portable generators,

  • backpack lighting systems.


Know-how acquired over the years allows IDM to operate in high-tech areas such as robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), hybrid vehicles, telecommunications, medical instrumentation and security.

Many of our products comply with the most stringent international standards, having passed environmental, vibrations as well as electromagnetic compatibility tests before their validation.

Vibration test benches, climatic chambers, measuring rooms, acoustic noice analysis instrumentation and softwares, EMC testing areas, and burn-in facility rooms, provide a relevant technical support to customers in tailoring our products into their applications.

The constant search for technological innovation enables the Company to manufacture Multi Chip Modules (MCM) by itself for its power modules. This technology allows to mount directly the semiconductors die on ceramic substrates, so to decrease products size and increase their reliability.

All the Company Products are designed and manufactured in the Montebelluna facility.

Via Feltrina Sud, 28 - 31044 - Montebelluna (TV) - Italy  -  Tel +39.(0)423 / 300222  -  fax +39.(0)423 / 303450

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