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IDM produces devices for the medical sector.


The development of a new software, able to manage voice commands and recognition in full autonomy, has led to the birth of 'VISUAL TRAINING'.


Patented device, VISUAL TRAINING is the aid for home use to train the eyesight in people with vision problems. The device, autonomous and with voice control, has training options, such as backgrounds, characters, ... which are agreed with your ophthalmologist and allow the patient a constant training from home. Thanks to the '' HISTORY '' option, the ophthalmologist will be able to monitor and verify the training of his patient.


The reading of the characters, which reflect the distances and the size of the orthoptic characters, takes place via a microphone with a wireless headset. The device is easy to use, does not need the Internet or wi-fi network and can be connected to a home TV or a PC monitor as a simple decoder.

Wheels for electric traction, with or without lifting movement, also suitable for use in hospitals. The wheels, entirely produced in Italy, are supplied with their drive and customizable control card " Technical specifications are available upon request.


For more information send requests to IDM S.r.l. or call +39 0423-300222.

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